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London Gal,  Covering everything from fashion to beauty, family, lifestyle and travel.

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I believe inspiration is meant to be shared, that's why I started this blog—to introduce you to the latest trends whether it is with clothes, your home or lifestyle and help you find the looks that will make your life easier.

My retail career started as a buyer at Williams-Sonoma Home in San Francisco. In my early twenties I had know idea that home furnishings and fashion clothes cross over into very similar trends. Patterns and colors that you would see in the upcoming season for clothes, you would find for home furnishings as well.

From that great experience, I travelled "across the pond" to London for work. I loved "fast fashion" as they call it. Each week, a new trend would launch in the high street stores.  Europe is always 6 months ahead in fashion styles. I loved seeing the trends before they would hit America.


In this blog, you’ll find tons of great takes on trends and seasons, and get a peek at what I love to wear, home furnishings or lifestyle gear at an affordable price. And if you see something you absolutely must have on my blog, I will help you out by posting links to where you can shop for the items. 

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